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作者: bhgd19228    時間: 2013-12-19 01:37     標題: an improper fit

an improper fit,, your foot will slide and you will develop blisters. Masai estimates the life of the $245 shoe to be about one year; it may last longer if you are of average weight and use the shoe correctly. The correct arch on the sole is crucial to the shoes function. If the sole is worn away the shoe will not work properly and may cause more harm than good. Unlike high end running shoes, designed with specific foot problems in mind, Masai Barefoot Technology is designed to help the wearer correct his/her own step and posture. There is no additional arch support or roll bars in the MBT,Ugg Stiefel, as is often found in running and walking shoes. Roll bars and step supports artificially force a correction in one's step. MBT's allow you to correct your own step over time. Masai Barefoot Technology is ideal for someone who is flat footed,Ugg Schuhe, rolls on their foot,ugg boots billig, or has an awkward gait. MBT's may help improve anyone's gait and posture. The wearer is instructed to place more weight toward the front of the foot when taking a step

   Ugg Boots Gunstig  are well known for their excellent posture and  curvature within achieved is as well big
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